Benefits of using an e-book
December 6, 2018
By The ITSI Team

Six benefits of choosing e-textbooks over traditional hard copy books

School booklists are out, and you want to be first in line to make sure that your child starts the new year fresh and ready – and what an early start to the new school year it’ll be!  But what will you choose: will it be e-books, or will you stick to the traditional hard copy book?

To help you decide, we’ve put together 6 benefits of choosing e-books over hard copy books.

1. Saving you money
School e-books are up to 60% cheaper than the hard copy version of the book. It is the exact same book, but publishers are saving costs in terms of warehousing, distribution, and printing and they are passing this benefit on to the user. In a recent comparison with a number of schools that make use of e-books, we found that parents saved between 35% and 56% on their total expenditure on books when purchasing e-books instead of the traditional hard copy textbooks.

2. It won’t break your back
Whether your child carries a backpack or a traditional schoolbooks bag, you’re bound to hurt your back, pull a muscle or dislocate a shoulder. School bags have become increasingly heavier over the years. Now, imagine all of their textbooks on a single device? What’s even more, they will be able to add their notes and even highlight important text – no need for the exam pad either. A mobile device and a couple of workbooks are definitely a whole lot lighter than the current situation!

3. A library in your pocket
It’s not only textbooks that kids are carrying around, but they also need access to their prescribed readers as well. Bookworms might even have a couple more books that they’re carrying around.  Add this to one device to access anytime, anywhere.

4. Saving you time
Imagine driving around town trying to find that one book that the store might not have… Now imagine buying all of the books you need from the comfort of your own home and downloading it immediately. No ques, no trolleys, no hassle.

5. It’s your content, own it!
Is the font size too small? Enlarge it. With an e-book, depending on the app you use, you will have various features to use, which you may, or in the most cases may not, use in your school hard copy book. Highlight important text in the colour of your choice, add notes and freehand sketches and create your own instant summaries – something you definitely cannot do with a hard copy book! You can even add additional information that gets backed up – therefore you won’t ever lose your notes.

6. Enhance the way you learn
Flashcards aren’t only useful when learning colours, fruits or numbers. They are an excellent way to enhance the way kids study and learn. Research has shown that when you effectively make use of flashcards, you’re able to remember your work better and to recall the information more effectively. With the miEbooks app, school kids can easily create flashcards directly from their e-book! Just another major benefit of using e-books.