Future-proof your teaching
February 8, 2017
By The ITSI Team

The pursuit of knowledge in the 21st-century has never been easier than it is with technology granting us access to unlimited resources and self-improvement guidance – even in an ever-changing world and educational market.


As educators, professional and personal development is of the utmost importance to future-proof our careers and turn our dreams into reality. The South African Council for Educators (SACE) aims to enhance the status of the teaching profession through appropriate registration, management of Professional Development and inculcation of a Code of Ethics for all educators. Therefore, South African educators are expected to achieve the required number of CPD (continuing professional development) points to remain on top of their professional training requirements. Schools need to source training and development that provides their teachers with the right levels of support and that is up to date with the education demands of the 21st-century. They also need to ensure that training is both sustainable and of value.


ITSI recently launched its first 15 training modules endorsed by SACE. These modules provide a solid e-learning foundation for 21st-century educators. During the training sessions, theoretical information is tied to educational philosophies and blended learning practices. This theoretical foundation is supplemented with practical computer and tablet skills, while also teaching participants how to use specific apps, office tools, and presentation software to create multimedia lessons that will inspire students.


To further embed the practice of e-learning in their teaching ethos, 21st-century skills are discussed and practical guidance is provided on the implementation of blended learning in traditional lessons, as well as flipped classrooms. Once the educator acquired the necessary theoretical foundation and got to know the practical implementations, they are well on their way to understanding learner management and content management systems.


In addition, educators receive the required CPD points. They can follow the entire course for a complete, comprehensive introduction to the world of 21st-century teaching, or they can choose to do any individual module (or a combination thereof).


In a nutshell, the ITSI training provides educators with skills that offer tangible value for their CPD portfolio, but also for themselves and their learners. In the process, educators are shown how to marry their formal curriculum teaching with 21st-century requirements without sacrificing quality.



On 19 June, 46 Teachers from Pietersburg Hoërskool completed the training module: 21st Century Learning.