ITSI Launches Digital Lessons
October 9, 2017

ITSI launches collection of thousands of interactive digital resources in Maths, Physical Science, Life Science and Natural Sciences

Interactive teaching resources in the form of photos, videos, animations, assessments and other simulations covering hundreds of various topics available as part of internationally recognised digital lessons

3 October 2017 – PRETORIA – ITSI, the pioneering e-learning provider which enhances and simplifies the teaching and learning experience for both students and educators, today announces the launch of ITSI Digital Lessons – a collection of thousands of highly interactive digital resources covering Maths, Physical Science, Life Science and Natural Sciences. ITSI’s Digital Lessons includes a variety of top quality films, animations, pictures and simulations presenting hundreds of topics in an attractive and engaging way.

ITSI’s Digital Lessons is available to learners from grade 7 to grade 12 and is designed with each specific age group in mind, making learning extremely attractive, stimulating and enjoyable, thus highly effective. Further, each digital lesson has a specific learning outcome aligned to the South African school subjects, with automated assessments included.

The ITSI Digital Lessons are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed by any device with a reliable internet connection. The lessons are built with technology that makes it truly mobile and accessible from multiple browsers and mobile devices with various screen resolutions. Marks and feedback are saved online and students can visit their previous attempts to monitor their progress.

ITSI CEO and founder, Dr Lieb Liebenberg, commented, “Teaching methodologies remained very much the same over the years. Students read from their textbooks, wrote notes to process the information, and gained key knowledge and insights from the world around them. However, the technology explosion at the turn of the millennium cast a long shadow over traditional teaching methods, introducing new devices and solutions that transformed the learning landscape. Today, this evolution has culminated in a demand after unfragmented visible learning. We believe this concept should blend the traditional with the technological to create next generation education which is driven by deep level integration.

ITSI’s Digital Lessons supports constructivist teaching methods based on the belief that learning occurs as students are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction as opposed to passively receiving information.”

Benefits for Teachers

Educators can present the ITSI Digital Lessons on their whiteboard, thereby motivating students to engage in the topic presented and collaborating with peers to complete the assessments.

Benefits for Parents

Parents can purchase ITSI Digital Lessons to supplement existing learning materials. The ITSI Digital Lessons are CAPS aligned, making it easy to integrate into the student’s textbooks. As the resources are cloud hosted, students can easily add a personalised touch to their textbook without having to worry about their device storage. Each lesson provides the student with detailed feedback, pinpointing knowledge gaps in the topics covered.

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