Junior Windows Developer
March 6, 2019
By The ITSI Team

ITSI is looking for a passionate and talented .Net C# developer to join our Windows team. You will be directly involved in developing the Windows version of our flagship mobile application, miEbooks, used by thousands of students and educators in our innovative e-learning environment. Working on our app is both challenging and rewarding since it involves concepts such as server communication, web views, UI/UX design, encryption, databases, Google APIs, media player technologies etc. You will collaborate with developers working on other mobile platforms, as well as server teams to make exciting new features happen.



  • Develop Windows applications that will be deployed on tens of thousands of tablets used daily.
  • Write correct, concise and robust code.
  • Coding mainly in C#, with some Javascript.
  • Help design innovative new features, and solve difficult problems using novel approaches.


  • Computer Science Degree, or equivalent knowledge.
  • 1+ years of mobile development experience, preferably 2+ years of development experience.
  • Previous experience using Visual Studio and Git.
  • Operate in a fast-moving, execution-oriented environment. We don’t expect you to know everything immediately, but we expect you to be inquisitive, to learn what you need to, and to ask questions. Build off the knowledge we already have.
  • Ability to self-motivate, to plan and meet deadlines without constant oversight, and the desire to write the most elegant code for the job. Our team is small, but driven.
  • Understanding of CS fundamentals and software design principles.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills and a strong teamwork ethic.
  • Independent problem-solving skills.

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail your CV with the subject line “Junior Windows Developer” to jobs@it.si.