Newsletter September 2023
September 1, 2023
By creationlabs

Spring is the time for new blossoms and beginnings. The sun rises earlier and sets later, the skies are getting brighter, the weather warmer and all the good stuff and we at Optimi Classroom are excited to take in
the new season with its victories and challenges; we hope you are too educators.

One challenge of this season is that we are at the brink of final exams, which means that curriculums are almost done, PATs have been handed in, preliminary exams are almost done, and a whole lot of revision is currently underway. Why don’t you and your learners do our diagnostic test before you go on spring break? This test will show you just how your learners understand a particular subject and which of them need intervention so that after the holidays, you already have a detailed lesson plan on how and which areas to focus on in the revision lessons.

The miEbooks app is also the perfect tool to assist your learners during this time, and we encourage you to empower your students to use it efficiently when summarising the topics discussed thus far, generating their flashcards to help them study and remember their work effectively and all the vast features our app has to offer to make this a smooth exam season. Not sure how to use the features we mentioned above? No worries, contact your support champion at your school and they will show you how.