Spotlight on: Our Lady of Fatima
July 27, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima is a Dominican Convent School, situated in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal. This an independent school, established in 1954, and has 640 learners and a staff of 60. They cater for girls from grade 1 to 12.

In 2016, the school took the leap from traditional teaching and implemented ITSI’s blended learning platform. Principal, Mrs Dee Horsfall, says: “We were aware of the fact that there was a lot of criticism about the gap between the education process and the way education and schooling was happening, and the criticism was that we still belong to an education system of the industrial revolution. We started to investigate how we are going to bridge the gap between this model of schooling and the world out there where technology is fast taking over.” Ingrid Edwards, HOD High School Planning added: “We want to remain relevant and want to make sure that when the girls leave that they can take up positions in jobs across society.” And so their journey started.

Today, teachers of all ages adapted to the technology, and truly benefit from using ITSI’s educator folders to share information with their learners, adding lengthy notes as additional resources to their textbooks. With the ITSI Solution, their teaching methods have remained the same, but are much more effective.

The learners enjoy using technology and having everything organised in a single place.

To find out more about their unique journey, visit ITSI’s channel on YouTube.

Ingrid Edwards, HOD High School Planning