Extra class solutions for schools

Digital Lessons

Digital lessons are free resources provided by Optimi Classroom that can be accessed by learners. Each offer is a collection of interactive lessons, including a variety of top-quality videos, animations, pictures and simulations that can be accessed on multiple devices online. Subjects available include Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Life Sciences.

Diagnostic Testing

Test and benchmark Grade 1 – 9 learners’ mathematical proficiency, using online or paper-based diagnostic tests. Access in-depth feedback on identified gaps per topic and intervene on time. Optimi Classroom diagnostic testing is flexible and agile: Schools and institutions can test an entire grade or a single learner.

Grades available: Grade 1 to Grade 9

Subjects available: Mathematics only

Career Compass

Career Compass is designed to help high school learners choose their subjects and future career path. Based on Dr John Holland’s scientifically proven personality theory, the Career Compass online questionnaire matches a learner with career options. The results are instant and personalised to each learner. It includes a detailed description of each proposed career, the applicable training institution, as well as the specific demand for that career in South Africa.

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