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The future of education is now

Our platforms are easy to integrate for schools and educational institutions. Our platforms are scalable to the size of your institutions. We offer three solutions for your needs that can be purchased separately or combined.


MiEbooks is the future of flexible, seamless education. Students and learners can download the free miEbooks app to access e-books for schools and higher education subjects as well as free resources. MiEbooks is a multi-device platform that works on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Users have unlimited access to educational prescribed books through miEbooks.

  • Access e-books
  • Make highlights
  • Add notes
  • Add sketches
  • Make Flashcards
  • Download a summary
  • Do informal assignments
  • Get resources

All content, including annotations and highlighted passages data, are backed up to the cloud.

Facilitator Console

Our facilitator’s console allows institutions to create digital learning environments.

  • Flexible Delivery of Content
  • Rollcall
  • Delivering extra resources/ content
  • Flashcards
  • Easy book navigation
  • Assessments

The Facilitator’s Console allows educators to assign e-books to students from our library or upload content such as existing e-books or create their own content, such as educator folders, chapter summaries, learning questions and additional study material.


The Optimi Classroom e-library allows schools and institutions to purchase multiple licenses for e-books. The borrowing and returning process is automated. Students can access the library 24/7. The e-book will be automatically removed from their device after the borrowed period. The ITSI library offers customisation, ensuring your institution’s crest appears on the cover.

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