Training development for teachers and learners

Professional Development Modules

Optimi Classroom makes Professional Development for teachers easy with SACE-endorsed training and short courses that allow educators to earn valuable CPTD points. Our courses aim to empower educators to make informed decisions about their 21st-century teaching.

These training courses blend proven classroom practises with modern learning sciences techniques. focus on brain-based learning techniques, that train educators to teach 21st centuary learners to understand and improve literacy and numeracy as well as critical thinking skills.

Caps & E-learning

21st Century Learning

21st Century Student

21st Century Educator

Flipped Classroom

Presentation Tools

Implementing E-learning

Change Management

Blended Learning

Teaching for
Brain-Based Learning

Learning hacks

Brain-based study methods for learning

  • Understand your magnificent brain
  • Improve your study methods
  • Take charge of your own learning
  • Study more effectively and get better results
  • Learn why certain methods work and others not

Learning hacks is available for

  • Students Grades 4-12
  • Parents understand their child’s brain and learning process to assist their children with learning
  • Educators who want to learn how to incorporate brain-based learning in their classes.

10 habits

The 10 Habits of Successful Learners programs available for Grade 4 – 12 learners is an innovative programme that contains five video sessions and a workbook for learners! The 10 Habits course aims to help learners offset any COVID-19 learning blocks, improve their marks, and reach their full academic potential while preparing them for an exciting future!

This programme includes:

  • Five video sessions
  • A workbook for learners
  • An optional manual for parents
  • Available in English and Afrikaans
  • Downloadable on a cell phone or computer

Why would you wait to empower your children? Enrol them today. Even better, register for the Family Pack. Watch the five ten-minute video’s on your cell on how to provide optimum support to your children. You will never regret it.

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